LLTU Chapter Wins Grant for Riparian Buffer Work on Little Lehigh

I am pleased to announce that our chapter is the recipent of a 2014 Coldwater Conservation Implementation Grant from the Coldwater Heritage Partnership. The $5,000 grant award was announced by Samantha Kutskel on behalf of the Coldwater Heritage Partnership at the Keystone Coldwater Conference in State College, PA, on Saturday, February 22, 2014. Many thanks to the PA Council of TU, the PA Fish & Boat Commission and the other partnership organizations.


The chapter applied for this grant in December and will be using the grant proceeds to purchase and plant 76 shade trees along the riparian buffer of the Little Lehigh Creek in Lower Macungie township in areas where the creek lacks shade. Five specific locations have been selected for plantings. Aproximately 80% of the trees will be planted on township-owned land, and the rest will be planted on a private property where the owner allows public access for fishing and has agreed to allow the trees to be planted. As they mature, these trees will help to maintain a cool water temperature in the spring-fed Little Lehigh to help prevent heat stress on the native trout during the summer months. This project will be a great opportunity for chapter members and any other ambitious volunteers to get out, get your hands dirty, and make some visible contributions to our home stream. We will be scheduling planting events for volunteers this spring, most likley in May. Stay tuned for further info.


If you have any questions about this project, please email Scott Alderfer, LLTU Conservation Coordinator, at salderfer@gmail.com